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Coconut Milk Soap

Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk
Sun Grown Soaps
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    What is so special about coconut milk?

    Coconut milk contains a very special medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This fat is rarely found in nature. Well over 40% of the fat in coconut milk is lauric acid and the only other known source of it at these levels is human breast milk. Cows milk contain a little over 2% and goats milk contains a little over 4% of lauric acid.

    What is so special about lauric acid?

    All soap is made from some type of fat and the fat used has everything to do with how that soap performs and it's complexity. Lauric acid's unique molecular  structure allows it to deep clean into the skin and pores. It deep cleans so well in fact that many manufactures add it to their shampoo for that reason. This can be very beneficial to people suffering with skin problems that are not caused by nutritional deficiencies. This deep cleaning provides a mild exfoliation of dead skin cells on the surface which can be helpful with smoothing out the skin and clearing out obstructed pores.

    Our skin naturally produces lauric acid in the sebaceous gland just below the surface of the skin in what is called sebum. It is everywhere except the palms of our hands and the bottoms of our feet  It's there for hydration and to help protect itself from invaders.

    Too much production and you have oily skin, too little and you have dry skin. As we age we rapidly loose the ability to produce abundant amounts of lauric acid. Lauric acid which is an MCT, or a medium chain triglyceride leaves the skin in a slightly acidic state which is exactly what you want for healthy skin. Addition of theses very special oils from coconut to the skin creates the balance the skin needs so it's not too oily or too dry.  

    Lauric acid also has a natural  broad spectrum antimicrobial effect designed by nature. All plants have built in defense mechanisms, after all they can't just get up and run or move into shade for a while. Coconuts grow in regions of the world where the climate is ripe for microorganisms to thrive. Nature provided a perfect formula for defense against these invaders with lauric acid and it works great for the coconut, and it works this same way on our skin too.  

    Another benefit of  high levels of lauric acid, a superb fatty acid, soaps made from them produce rich luxurious, long lasting lather not found in other natural milk soaps. 

    What is so special about Sun Grown Soaps coconut milk soap?

    All coconuts are created equal by nature but what happens after that really matters. Some who make soaps using coconut oils use a highly refined and highly processed oil. Why? Convenience. They like using an oil that remains liquid at lower temperatures and an oil that is more resistant to oxidation. This is only accomplished by means of completely rearranging the oil structure to something not really resembling the original oil as nature intended it to be. It retains the lathering and cleaning properties but it looses all the many other benefits. This holds true for the milk we use to. The less processed and refinements made to it the closer it resembles what nature had intended for it.

    Our coconut milk formulation is a little different compared to many of the other soaps in our product line in that the first ingredient of oils is coconut followed closely by olive oil. We used coconut oil first for the attributes described above and followed it closely with olive oil for it's incredible moisturizing properties.

    The coconut milk we use is the finest we could find. It is a pure, unprocessed milk from the coconut. The brand we use is the most creamy and velvety available. It is a food grade brand.  Here is a link to the brand we use. Yes, it's expensive, but like everything else you get what you pay for. 

    Synthetic chemical fragrances are added for two reason to many so-called soaps. One is to provide an enticing aroma to the soap and the other is to cover up the unpleasant smell of detergents. We make natural plant based soap which does not have an odor to cover up. Don't expect this coconut milk soap to smell anything like coconuts. If you like coconut smell in soaps then they would have to be using a synthetic petrol chemical fragrance oil as there is no such thing as a coconut essential oil. All soaps that smell of coconut are loaded with chemicals. Our unscented soap has the aroma of pure soap only.

    We sell our coconut milk soap in 3 varieties. Unscented or scented with peppermint & wintergreen mint or Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oil. These essential oils do more than just smell nice, they also have many other qualities about them. The Eucalyptus/Tea Tree is a ratio of 60/40  (60% Eucalyptus, 40% Tea Tree) of the total essential oils and the Peppermint/Wintergreen is at a ratio of 75/25% (75% Peppermint, 25% Wintergreen).

    Our Coconut milk soap is  loaded with vitamin E and when used on a regular basis can help with chapped or cracked skin and helps to restore it to a smooth, hydrated condition. We then add extra real vitamin E to it after * Saponification for two reasons. One to protect the oils in the soap from oxidation and the two, to help protect your skin from oxidation and free radicals damaging effects..


    We use only quality organic coconut oils and coconut milks. Coconut milk provides a superior fatty acid compared to animal based milk soaps. This provides a gentle and better moisturizing soap. Unlike goats milk soap, the coconut milk is added AFTER the saponification* process. Milk soaps are now a very popular type of soap due to their wonderful attributes. Coconut milk and coconut oil containing lauric acid is known for it's great skin nourishing properties and benefits. Supper-fatted at 6% coconut oil for skin loving effects.

    * Saponification is the reaction that occurs when a vegetable oil or animal fat is mixed with a strong alkali. The products of the reaction are both soap and glycerin.

    Made from Coconut, Olive, renewable palm and Castor oil. Raw Coconut milk, R.O. water, Shea butter. Natural d-alpha-tocopherol Vitamin E added.

    Made from saponified extra virgin olive oil, Coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, Castor oil. Raw organic Coconut milk,  Shea butter.  Vitamin E.


    Eucalyptus/Tea tree

    Eucalyptus, Tea tree oil essential oils


    Peppermint essential oil