Welcome to Sun Grown Soaps where nature planted our inspiration


What Is Sun Grown Soaps?

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Our soaps are 100% plant based, we use no animal by-products in our soaps.

No artificial anything.

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We believe in absolute honesty. We do not call our products “Natural ”  and then add chemical fragrances or ingredients with  impossible to pronounce chemical names.

We use only natural oils and essential oils.

All of our soaps come with full ingredients list. You’ll never see “and/or” on our list.  You’ll also never see the word “Fragrance”.


Dealing with dry skin? It might be the soap your using

We formulate our soaps to deal with that and we have the best place on earth to test it, the desert southwest. Humidity as low as 2%

Formulated to be non irritating, lower pH, never harsh, non allergenic, long lasting and with a stable lather.

We have some really unique soaps too!

All bar soaps are a minimum of 4.5 oz

We now carry palm oil free soaps

Check out our product line, chances are you’ll probably not find many of these soaps anywhere else.

We believe our soaps are the soaps you would create for yourself and your family if you had the time to make real soap.

“If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is NATURE’S WAY”