How to know if your cleaning service is doing its job

If you own a business and have a cleaning service then you probably trust them, right? You hope they are doing their jobs correctly and as long as no one complaints then everything is fine, correct?

Wrong! You should be making sure they are doing an excellent job, first, because you are paying them to, and second, because this is health we are talking about. You cannot compromise your clients or employee’s health because your washroom service is not doing their job properly.

So here are some signs your bathroom is doing well

1. The floors

Pristine is the only word you should be using to describe your floors. Obviously, this is not possible at all times but there is nothing worse than going into a public restroom and having a slippery floor, not to mention you could fall and it is dangerous. Make sure the service is properly cleaning the floors, also, sometimes air dryers prevent these situations, so ask your service about them

2. Soap dispensers

They have to be replaced every time they run out. While the most common bathroom complaint is about the smell, the second most common one is about insufficient products inside the bathroom. Also, they can be a bacteria haven, so make sure the service you hired is protecting them with bacteria-busting surface coating.

3. Feminine hygiene units

You can ask any woman and she’ll tell you there is only one thing worse than running out of pads, and that one is going to the pad dispenser and it being empty. SO make sure your washroom service is replacing them and filling them to avoid discomfort among your female clients/employees.

4.Feminine hygiene bins

They also have to be protected with bacteria-busting surface coating if you want to avoid potential health threats, bad smell, and even pests. An antimicrobial coating that kills surface bacteria and makes cross-contamination less likely is very important.