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All of our products are

Paraben and Phthalates free.

One of our core values is to not abuse the word "Natural"

We don't use fragrance oils and then call it "Natural"

We don't add chemical preservatives, and then call it "Natural"

We don't add sulfates, and then call it "Natural"

We don't add highly processed, plant derived chemicals, and then call it "Natural"

We don't add laboratory colors, and then call it "Natural"

We don't use factory made citric acid, and then call it "Natural"

And we certainly don't use GMO produced raw materiel and call it "Natural"

We do add things that you may appreciate

We list all the active ingredients on our products, we leave nothing out. 

We are committed to the belief that in order to produce a quality product, we first have to use quality ingredients. 

Here are just some of the benefits of using our soaps.... 

  • Supports a chemical free lifestyle for you and your family including your canine family.

  • Actual soap, not a cheap petrol-chemical detergent bar

  • Will not contribute to allergies caused by chemical intolerance and sensitivities

  • Will not contribute to the worsening of asthma symptoms triggered by synthetic fragrances

  • Smells great using it then leaves you only smelling clean, not perfumed

  • Unscented soap choices that do not add de-odorizing chemicals

  • Contains zero synthetic fragrances

  • A soap made with 100% plant origin base, unprocessed ingredients

  • Colors from nature, not a lab

  • Only good things added that are beneficial to your skin

All of our soaps have a unique recipe. We don't use the same recipe over and over in our products then just add another scent or color and name it something else. Instead we developed our recipe for what your looking for. We change the ratios of the various oils, the types of herbs used, the plant we extracted the color from and the blends of essential oils used. We provide all ingredients used and a graph to compare one soap type to another. 

We fully support sustainable energy

Not just with words on a label but with real action. We make all of our soap products with solar power produced right on our property.

We think our soaps are the soaps you would create for yourself and your family if you had the time to make real soap.

 "If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is NATURE'S WAY"