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 What Is Sun Grown Soaps?

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Our soaps are 100% plant based, we use no animal by-products in our soaps.

No artificial anything.

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We believe in absolute honesty. We do not call our products “Natural ”  and then add chemical fragrances or ingredients with  impossible to pronounce chemical names.

We use only natural oils and essential oils.

All of our soaps come with full ingredients list. You’ll never see “and/or” on our list.  You’ll also never see the word “Fragrance”.

You have an incredibly vast choice when it comes to your soap. But it really comes down to just this. Purchase a product with ingredients that are only added for benefit the bottom line of a company or ingredients that are added to benefit you, the consumer of that soap.

What exactly does that mean?

The scent:

We use only essential oils. Essential oils are not just used for a wonderful natural scent. They’re also used in aromatherapy everyday for many benefits. Chemical fragrances only offer the scent for you but save a manufacture a lot of money. Essential oils can cost 2, 10 or 100 times more than chemical fragrances for the same scent level.

The Color:

Lab colors look great, some are eye popping they’re so colorful. Again , a toxic chemical.

We get our colors from plants. We infuse some of our the colors into the oil from the plant, then make soap with it. Instead of chemicals to color the soap, why not use things like turmeric for a yellow? We do. The benefits of turmeric, even on the skin are being learned and proved daily now.  That’s only one example. We use many similar attribute herbs and spices for color directly from the plant too. We also research, research and research some more. Not everything from a plant is something you would want on your skin. We only use proven safe over many many years for natural coloring.

The Oils:

No animal based oils. Why?

We supperfat the soaps. This means there is a little oil left after it has cured for 30 days and it’s now a hard bar. How much? About 5% to 6%, depending on the soap. Would you rather have oils like olive and coconut on your skin or animal fat? Most animal based soaps are supperfatted almost to zero. This makes for a harsh soap. Also, many of the animals for that fat are sourced questionably. We do not use Canola or corn oil. We list our quality oils by name, we do not list any as just “vegetable oils” You know exactly what is used in the soap.

We don’t’ use Palm oil in our soaps anymore:

All of our products are palm oil free. Once we  learned about the true sustainability of palm oil, or lack there of and the destruction it causes on a grand scale environmentally, we pursued another way to make our soaps. The result is actually a superior soap to what we had before. It’s even harder, to last longer, lathers better and in any kind of water, from soft to harder water. Palm oil was cheaper, made great soap too, but to us it was just not worth it.

Dealing with dry skin? It might be the soap your using

We formulate our soaps to deal with that and we have the best place on earth to test it, the desert southwest. Humidity as low as 2% at times.

Formulated to be non irritating, lower pH, never harsh, non allergenic, long lasting and with a stable lather.

We have some really unique soaps too!

All bar soaps are a minimum of 4.5 oz

Check out our product line, chances are you’ll probably not find many of these soaps anywhere else.

We believe our soaps are the soaps you would create for yourself and your family if you had the time to make real soap.

“If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is NATURE’S WAY”


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